4 ways I lost 20 lbs!

We all have had that moment. It’s Winter time and you’ve had your 4th slice of pizza. Netflix and you can finish each other’s sentences and the couch has a permanent indent of your buttcheeks. It’s official and your kind friends haven’t said it to your face yet: YOU’VE LET YOURSELF GO!

This happened to me. I couldn’t say no to the fattening foods and cocktails. One could say the sedentary life chose me. It wasn’t until all of my cute clothes couldn’t fit and my dusty scale gave me a once-over with a smirk that I knew I had made a few mistakes. I was pretty chunky and not happy with it. That’s the key statement for a change. Something had occurred and I wasn’t enjoying it’s presence.

If you’re REALLY ready to lose some weight and tone up, like I have, please implement these changes ASAP. This isn’t a quick fix so if you’re seeking a Military Diet substitute or some juicing ingredients, please don’t continue. I’m here for the lifestyle change. I went from 132 to 153lbs over the last 2 years. I’m currently back at 130 and I swear I just saw an ab when I passed by the mirror this morning.

1. No Pasta or Bread unless it’s Gluten Free.
Sounds Simple enough but in NYC, there is so much to choose from but rarely a healthy option in there. Many of our favorite foods are breaded or have flour as their base. Lobster Bisque, Wings, and so much more. Just ask the server if the item is breaded or if they have gluten free pasta instead. Get a Vegetable instead.

2. No Dairy. Switch to Almond, Soy or Rice Milk.
Our bodies don’t digest dairy as well as you think. I will sell my fictitious first born for a pan of Macaroni and Cheese but ALAS, I have chose to go without because… Abs. Watch how much weight you’ll lose if you just don’t eat cheese and milk. You’ll also break out less and create less mucus overall. That’s 3 wins!

3. Apple Cider Vinegar IN EVERYTHING.
Put a capful of ACV in your water. Apple Cider Vinegar regulates your PH, lowers blood pressure, fights against seasonal allergies and breaks up mucus. ACV has also been a great addition to meat tenderizers. If it can soften a roast, imagine how well it can break down that Big Mac you ate 3 weeks ago.

4. Free Workouts!
If you have an Amazon Prime membership already, you can access Amazon Prime’s workout video section. It’s important to make this a daily routine. Find something fun and easygoing. I made this crazy mistake of going HARD in my workouts, being sore to the point of being sluggish, and then not working out EVER AGAIN. Go Slow. Start Small. You want this to be your everyday movement, not a quick fix.

Full Body 1 -Studio S is sweat inducing

Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

and for Youtube, check out these channel:

Join the tribe of women who blast that Cosmo away and snatch that waist!

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