5 ‘Fro friendly New Years Eve Styles

Hey Babe,

Is anyone else excited about all the NYE parties? I always end up working or being out of the country, but this time, I’m uber chill and ‘laxin out here in the beautiful NYC. What I’ve noticed is that NYC’s party range is extensive and pretty much anything can and will go. Seriously, you can show up to a party in a onesie and you’ll get high-fives and “Where did you get that?”/”Did they have different styles?” inquiries.

I’ve curated 5 styles that are not only easy to re-create but require very little styling products/manipulations. You’re gonna need some sort of hair smoothing pomade, bobby pins, and a little wine. Cheers!

If you want to get ready with me and Fanm Djanm, check out this CUTE event happening NYE!


The Back Detail Headband



I started out with a blown out fro. You can also use next day hair or twist out hair.  With my Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey, I smoothed my tresses and pinned it into place before placing the combs into my fro. It’s important to soften your hair for easy manipulation. Target is having a massive sale on Carol’s Daughter products btw!


Puff Cuff!




I love MY PUFF CUFF. It’s a natural hair care need. If you’re looking for an easy and secure way to hoist up your puff, I recommend this purchase from Black Owned, Puff Cuff. The same way I styled my hair up with pins and pomade, I pulled half my hair up and wrapped the puff cuff around my hair. Now, I didn’t close it all the way because my hair was super thick and not completely blown out. I recommend some creamy hair product along with plenty of water on detangled hair to get your hair in a slick puff.



Decorative Barettes



It’s by far the easiest hair style I created. Using my Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey, I smoothed one side of my hair up just above my hair. I used a few bobby pins to secure the hair in place before clipping my barrette over the pins placement.




Wrappin’ it up



The ULTIMATE protective style! Head wraps are quickly becoming the fly girls choice of hair accessory. You need to incorporate this style into your life. My favorite brand for wraps and all things gorge is Fanm Djanm and they have a multitude of glam and party-worthy wraps. These two looks have range. A colorful wrap with hair out is more casual so it’s perfect for a house party. The second wrap is GREAT for glimmering in a dimly lit room.



String Me Along


The easiest way to get a slick puff is to get fancy with some slick string. I used the same pomade to smooth my hair before tying and wrapping the string around to secure the puff. To keep the strings in criss cross motion, use bobby pins strategically so you can hold the placement.  This look is for an upscale event OR if your outfit is a more bohemian vibe.


All of these styles are easy on curly hair and will turn heads for sure. Tag #dailybeaute in your recreations so we can catch the slay you’re giving!

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