Bring Back Our Girls: Where have our magazines gone?


“It has become clear that more time and resources would be needed to further develop this brand,”

-Ed Lewis, chairman and chief executive officer of Essence Communications


Mr. Lewis was announcing the immediate shutdown of beloved Suede Magazine. For many young women with high-fashion hopes, this was one of our biggest media let downs. It’s not every day you find a vibrant colored, culturally igniting, celebrity filled glossy on your doorstep.


I had every copy. I took them with me to college. They were the diamonds and furs I couldn’t afford. One day a classmate of mine told me he’d thrown them away because they were “trash” and he didn’t bother giving me them back to me. I could have overthrown the whole cafeteria table!

Vibe? Honey? Are these publications all victims of over-production on shoots? Not enough advertising? I found that Suede magazine’s shoots were always high brow, designer pulls, great photography, art direction on ten and interviews with Kimora Lee, Tyra Banks, etc. Blowing through a budget is the quickest way for the forward thinking exec to PULL the plug.



I say,”Bring Back Our Girls” because with the emergence of pride in our melanin and hair, the multi-ethnic beauty, I believe, is ready to digest such an iconic and self-celebratory publication fit for the queens we are.


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