4 ways I lost 20 lbs!

We all have had that moment. It’s Winter time and you’ve had your 4th slice of pizza. Netflix and you can finish each other’s sentences and the couch has a permanent indent of your buttcheeks. It’s official and your kind friends haven’t said it to your face yet: YOU’VE LET YOURSELF GO! This happened to […]

4 Damn Good Beauty Buys this Winter

  OH MY GAWD!!!!! If you live in NYC, your skin is dry, cracked, and screaming for something a bit heavier than a serum. I caught myself in denial until New Years hit and I almost screamed at the sight of my dull skin in the vanity mirror. I instantly grabbed these four glow-getters and […]

4 Black Owned Brown Girl Nude liquid lipsticks

Hey Beauties!   More and more beauty brands are recognizing the need for diverse and expansive color range.  Allure magazine recently touched on the subject of Brown and Black beauty, the social change, and how simple hashtags have spread awareness.   To celebrate our melanin, I’ve compiled a list of nudes FUBU, For Us By […]

When Winter Comes Knocking: My 4 Winter Hacks.

  Welp. It’s here. If you’re living on the East Coast, you’ve finally got blasted with the wind of the arctic. This woman ain’t too happy about it. But for good reason folks! My hair, my skin, my nails. My woes sound like the vitamin aisle. I’m sharing my Winter saviors with you. Here’s to beauty-full hacking: […]