4 Damn Good Beauty Buys this Winter


OH MY GAWD!!!!! If you live in NYC, your skin is dry, cracked, and screaming for something a bit heavier than a serum. I caught myself in denial until New Years hit and I almost screamed at the sight of my dull skin in the vanity mirror.

I instantly grabbed these four glow-getters and ran off to slough, infuse, and coat. Get with this program.

La Mer the Soft Moisturizing Cream

Believe the hype! If you ever invest in a skincare item this year, let it be any none of La Mer’s Facial Moisturizers! It evens skin tone, intensely hydrates, and leave a supple glow about the skin. I have been using this brand’s face and body lotions for years and I notice an immediate difference in skin clarity and texture when I decided to use another brand/product. The Miracle Broth really is a miracle. I tend to get, around the corners of my mouth, very dry/textured skin and this instantly changes the texture. I can’t make this shit up. It’s honestly, truly my fave.


Bliss Micro Magic Spa-Powered Microdermabrasion Treatment

One simply cannot glow with yesterday’s blues on their face. Get this at home microdermabrasion treatment and slough off those ol’ dry skin cells. It will not only lift up any dead skin but will give your skin a subtle glow after the scrubbing your skin gets. Only do this 1-2x per week as to not irritate skin. Funny enough, I’ve raved about this product before, so you know the love is REAL!

GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment

For YEARS, I have been using this to supplement wearing makeup. The secret sauce for a glow is moisture. This Thirsty Mud is packed full of:

• A blend of actives containing hyaluronic acid and citric acid for deep hydration; boosts and locks in moisture for a dewy, youthful look.

• A blend of actives containing botanimoist, moisturizing sugars and acids from apples, oat bete glucan to soothe and calm the skin, and hydraclay to trap and retain moisture in the skin.

•  A blend of actives containing raw honey and ginger root for radiance and detoxifying; coconut provides immediate skin conditioning.

• Delivers naturally moisturizing linoleic acid.

I mean, come on ya’ll! Why the heck not?!


This is Beauty Gold. Lemon contains natural alpha hydroxy acids that is a cheap alternative to a chemical peel. I like to do a one-two punch by drinking the lemon juice and, after cleansing, rub the flesh of the lemon on my face. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and wipe off. If you have sensitive skin I would recommend NOT trying this as the tingle is real. for more cheap and good skincare tips, click the link above and start glowing this winter.


    Kristen Elise Brown

Resolutions: 3 Trends you NEED to try this New Year

Hey Beauté!


As the New Year came ringing, I noticed beauty trends immerse while the worst of the beauty trends fell to the waste side. Check these 3 trends you need to try now.


1. No more stripping?

More and More Beauty Gurus are using individual knot free flare lashes to get their lids fluttering. Not only is customizable and flattering, but it’s a long wear option. It can last up to a week when you use the right glue. Check this tutorial to get an idea of how to apply. 

2. A Skin Finish

Why would you attempt to create a skin finish… with powder? Now, more than ever, real beauty enthusiasts are turning to Serums to highlight skin with moisture, as opposed to shimmery powders that can often enhance a pimple or uneven skin texture. Either put this in your finishing spray OR get your trusty Beauty Blender and lightly dab on your high points for the BEST highlight you’ve ever seen OR felt.

3. A Proper Contour

I don’t believe the contouring trend with will ever end but am noticing more and more beauty enthusiasts learning their face and contouring accordingly. All faces are not angled alike. In order to look YOUR best, first identify your face shape.  Check the chart below to see contour suggestions.



It’s 2017 and as the beauty industry evolves and content creators shape the trends of the year, these are my trend predictions you need to invest in. Don’t be those terrible 2016 trends into the New Year. Just don’t!



5 ‘Fro friendly New Years Eve Styles

Hey Babe,

Is anyone else excited about all the NYE parties? I always end up working or being out of the country, but this time, I’m uber chill and ‘laxin out here in the beautiful NYC. What I’ve noticed is that NYC’s party range is extensive and pretty much anything can and will go. Seriously, you can show up to a party in a onesie and you’ll get high-fives and “Where did you get that?”/”Did they have different styles?” inquiries.

I’ve curated 5 styles that are not only easy to re-create but require very little styling products/manipulations. You’re gonna need some sort of hair smoothing pomade, bobby pins, and a little wine. Cheers!

If you want to get ready with me and Fanm Djanm, check out this CUTE event happening NYE!


The Back Detail Headband



I started out with a blown out fro. You can also use next day hair or twist out hair.  With my Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey, I smoothed my tresses and pinned it into place before placing the combs into my fro. It’s important to soften your hair for easy manipulation. Target is having a massive sale on Carol’s Daughter products btw!


Puff Cuff!




I love MY PUFF CUFF. It’s a natural hair care need. If you’re looking for an easy and secure way to hoist up your puff, I recommend this purchase from Black Owned, Puff Cuff. The same way I styled my hair up with pins and pomade, I pulled half my hair up and wrapped the puff cuff around my hair. Now, I didn’t close it all the way because my hair was super thick and not completely blown out. I recommend some creamy hair product along with plenty of water on detangled hair to get your hair in a slick puff.



Decorative Barettes



It’s by far the easiest hair style I created. Using my Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey, I smoothed one side of my hair up just above my hair. I used a few bobby pins to secure the hair in place before clipping my barrette over the pins placement.




Wrappin’ it up



The ULTIMATE protective style! Head wraps are quickly becoming the fly girls choice of hair accessory. You need to incorporate this style into your life. My favorite brand for wraps and all things gorge is Fanm Djanm and they have a multitude of glam and party-worthy wraps. These two looks have range. A colorful wrap with hair out is more casual so it’s perfect for a house party. The second wrap is GREAT for glimmering in a dimly lit room.



String Me Along


The easiest way to get a slick puff is to get fancy with some slick string. I used the same pomade to smooth my hair before tying and wrapping the string around to secure the puff. To keep the strings in criss cross motion, use bobby pins strategically so you can hold the placement.  This look is for an upscale event OR if your outfit is a more bohemian vibe.


All of these styles are easy on curly hair and will turn heads for sure. Tag #dailybeaute in your recreations so we can catch the slay you’re giving!

Product Launch: Mariah Carey x MAC

MAC does it again with their 15,082,07th collection. This time they teamed up the ever-glittery Mariah Carey to create a full collection lip and face products!

Promo images for MACXMariahCarey collection
Promo images for MACXMariahCarey collection

Lets start with the blush and highlighters:

@Ashley_Rudder swatches highlighters and blushes from MACXMariahCarey Collection.
@Ashley_Rudder swatches highlighters and blushes from MACXMariahCarey Collection.


From Left to Right:  “My Mimi” Extra Dimension Skinfinish, “You’ve got me Feeling” Powder Blush, and “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” Powder Blush.

Swatches of MacXMariahCarey collection swatches on Dark Skin
Swatches of MacXMariahCarey collection swatches on Dark Skin

From Left to Right: “Butter Bling” Lipglass (Online Exclusive), “I Get So OOC” Lipstick(Frost), “Little Miss Monroe” Lipglass, “Mcizzle” Lipstick (Cremesheen), “Just Like Honey” Lipglass, “Dahhlingg” Lipstick (Cremesheen), “Dream Lover” Lipglass, “All I want” Lipstick (Frost), “Rainbow Interlude” Lipglass, “Bit of Bubbly” Lipstick.


@Kashaya swatching My Mimi Skinfinish
@Kashaya swatching My Mimi Skinfinish

I love the stamping of the highlighter. Very “Mariah Carey”!!!

@Beautifice watching the "It's Everything"
@Beautifice swatching the “It’s Everything”

The colors in this quad go as:  “Whenever You All”, “Can Not Escape Me”, “Golden Petals Scattering”, “How You Thrill Me”

I’m so glad to see this swatch because I’m also so weary of purchasing another smokey eye palette. After that Huda Beauty palette FAIL, I need pigment in my shadows. I shouldn’t have to slap on a milk pencil to get the color to show up on my darker skin tone. Hooray for a swatch!


This collection will be available Online Dec 8th and In Store Dec 15th. What say you?

Bring Back Our Girls: Where have our magazines gone?


“It has become clear that more time and resources would be needed to further develop this brand,”

-Ed Lewis, chairman and chief executive officer of Essence Communications


Mr. Lewis was announcing the immediate shutdown of beloved Suede Magazine. For many young women with high-fashion hopes, this was one of our biggest media let downs. It’s not every day you find a vibrant colored, culturally igniting, celebrity filled glossy on your doorstep.


I had every copy. I took them with me to college. They were the diamonds and furs I couldn’t afford. One day a classmate of mine told me he’d thrown them away because they were “trash” and he didn’t bother giving me them back to me. I could have overthrown the whole cafeteria table!

Vibe? Honey? Are these publications all victims of over-production on shoots? Not enough advertising? I found that Suede magazine’s shoots were always high brow, designer pulls, great photography, art direction on ten and interviews with Kimora Lee, Tyra Banks, etc. Blowing through a budget is the quickest way for the forward thinking exec to PULL the plug.



I say,”Bring Back Our Girls” because with the emergence of pride in our melanin and hair, the multi-ethnic beauty, I believe, is ready to digest such an iconic and self-celebratory publication fit for the queens we are.