I’m transitioning!

Hola!   I’ve been MIA for quite some time here, and for good reason. You can probably connect with me when I say I lost myself. My foundation crumbled and I had to recalibrate. How many times have you questioned your WHY?   My goal for The Daily Beaute, from this point on, is to […]

4 Damn Good Beauty Buys this Winter

  OH MY GAWD!!!!! If you live in NYC, your skin is dry, cracked, and screaming for something a bit heavier than a serum. I caught myself in denial until New Years hit and I almost screamed at the sight of my dull skin in the vanity mirror. I instantly grabbed these four glow-getters and […]

5 ‘Fro friendly New Years Eve Styles

Hey Babe, Is anyone else excited about all the NYE parties? I always end up working or being out of the country, but this time, I’m uber chill and ‘laxin out here in the beautiful NYC. What I’ve noticed is that NYC’s party range is extensive and pretty much anything can and will go. Seriously, you […]

Product Launch: Mariah Carey x MAC

MAC does it again with their 15,082,07th collection. This time they teamed up the ever-glittery Mariah Carey to create a full collection lip and face products! Lets start with the blush and highlighters:   From Left to Right:  “My Mimi” Extra Dimension Skinfinish, “You’ve got me Feeling” Powder Blush, and “Sweet Sweet Fantasy” Powder Blush. […]