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Among those quoted like myself are: AJ Crimson, Desiree Verdejo of Vivrant Beauty, and Ofunne Amaka of Cocoas Swatches! As a team we support the theory that hashtags have brought our consumers closer to us. By using simple tags, You, as an entrepreneur manipulate your message delivery. The right tag can get a simple post as viral as Joanne the Scammer’s career.

Which hashtags are affective? Comment below with your faves.




Texture Talk: What does 2016 textured hair trends mean to you?

Texture Talk


What does this read for the Textured Hair Entrepreneur? There’s always an opportunity to inject yourself into someone’s Hair Care and Styling Routine. How many of us curly folks will, even when we know a styling creme is BOMB, attempt to replace it with something better?

My personal purchasing desires span to Youtube where I will specifically search the item or purchase something new upon recommendation of a Youtuber.

I don’t, however, seek Shea Butter over Argan Oil. While using both in raw form, I find Argan Oil to be the winner.

Statistical data such as this provides an entrepreneur with planned steps. How much would you focus on Reviews? Would you invest in sample packaging of your product?

5 Inspiring SnapChat influencers


I was hesitant to join Snapchat and for good reason: Narcissism. For every interesting snap, there are 15  snaps of women adorned in puppy garb rapping Future lyrics. Once I shifted gears I found my business could benefit from the story telling and direct chat options with my followers.


How I use Snapchat to connect with my GLC’ers is another topic but for now, I’ll suggest some inspiring folks who stay busy and get you thinking of what you can do for your brand.




Brittany Hampton is a stylist, former DVF brand ambassador, signed to NEXT models, etc. Following her, you get a day in the life of content creation. How does she do what she does and look so darn cute?

Easy, find out by following her Snaps: BHamptonStyle


Follow Avon Dorsey for the VIP entry to all the fab events. He is on the fashion editing team of Essence Mag so you know his Snaps are celebrity filled. Who’s next on his candid cam?

Follow: MrDoorSee


Hannah Bronfman is a DJ/Fitness Enthusiast with a passport to die for. She’s a girl’s girl so you better believe there will be beautiful dresses, flowers, and fun parties. What’s so awesome about her snap is her content creation for her #Hannahgram

      Get Yo Life? HannahBGood


Felecia Benson has an all things beauty blog, ThisThatBeauty and Bergdorf Goodman’s Social Media Editor. When I say her snaps read like a Sephora skin care section! She talks you through the skin care steps so if you’re skin isn’t glowing by next Tuesday, you’re not really trying.

She drops the tea on skincare you didn’t even know was necessary. Follow her: ThisThatBeauty


Danielle Gray is owner of The Style and Beauty Doctor and contributes to many publications with beauty expertise. If you love swatches and seek a brown skin rep, She’s THEEE woman. She regularly shoots and shows her editing, not to mention her and Felecia Benson of ThisThatBeauty go to so awesome beauty related events to together.

Content creator and goals. Follow: StyleNBeautyDoc




5 Reasons You’re a Makeup Enthusiast and NOT a Makeup Artist

KRISTEN: Hi, guys! I have my friend Jamice Parks on the couch with me as we discuss some friendly topics. My friend is a makeup artist, based in New York City. Today we’re going to talk about a topic that’s near and dear to my social media heart – 5 reasons you’re a makeup enthusiast and not a makeup artist.
JAMICE: Shade, but no shade.



KRISTEN: I came up with this topic of discussion because I was working on a TV show called “B.O.R.N. to Style” and I was doing women’s makeup every single week. And, on top of that, my friends were asking me to do their makeup – all of the time!


JAMICE: Yeah, I do.
KRISTEN: Right. It’s annoying. Stop it. So, I lost the desire to be a makeup artist and I realized that it’s is just not my passion. I, Kristen Elise Brown, am a makeup enthusiast, not a makeup artist.



JAMICE: Well, for me, I kind of feel like I’m a little bit of both.


 JAMICE: I feel like I’m a little bit of both because I love to do makeup, I love to make people feel good about themselves, I love to get a few coins, but I don’t want to work for a big brand. I feel like Instagram and other forms of social media are taking the whole essence away of skin care and beauty, and products, and what’s really for your skin, and what’s not for your skin. It’s just annoying to where everybody wants to look filtered rather than really enhancing what they naturally have. I get annoyed so that just makes me more into beauty products, like I love everything about beauty from hair, nails, clothes, it doesn’t matter.

KRISTEN: Then you’re a makeup artist and you’re just passionate about makeup. We’re going to go into the reasons why – 5 reasons why.


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.05.40 PM

Let’s go! I saw an article about a makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. She’s a makeup artist, she’s also a manicurist, but she did something phenomenal – she did half of her face in Instagram social media beauty and the other half in what makeup artists are doing today, what they’re recreating in the makeup chair.


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.05.47 PM


But, everyone looks the same. That was what she said, and that’s what I see when I’m scrolling down. Saying,“Is that her?” And it’s the same with the other girls. They all look like the Kardashians.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.05.54 PMJAMICE: Yeah. That’s true. I like how she tried to separate the two. People tend to create YouTube and Instagram and say, “Oh, this is what’s hot on the runway,” when it’s really not. Nobody’s walking around with a sculpted brow, a cut crease, glitter and all this stuff on the runway. They’re not doing that. It’s mainly about skin, glow, like really bring up that essence of a woman. Not necessarily, “I want to mask who you are,” because I get that feeling that that’s what’s going on in Instagram. I mean, if you’re mature enough not to take this so seriously and just take little points from, “Oh, I like those eyes and I like those lips, I like that glow, and I like that blush,” rather than take it and try to identify yourself with it, then I feel like it’s okay if you’re mature enough to know how to separate the two.
KRISTEN: Don’t identify yourself with one look. Maybe their lips are not as overdrawn as before, but it’s the same thing over and over again.


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.06.01 PM

KRISTEN: Urggghhh, it drives me insane! I get so tired of seeing these looks and it’s so cool-looking and then you go, “Wait, why does this look familiar? Oh, right, because the other look you did has the same exaggerated cat eyeliner.” It’s like a bunch of Amy Winehouse babies.
JAMICE: I do understand it’s our social media that’s being very repetitive and boring and it’s like, “What are you teaching your viewers differently than what you did in your last video?”
JAMICE: So I totally get that. A side note, this is a shame, if you take it personally, then that’s your own problem.
KRISTEN: Comment below.

JAMICE: We’re just trying to educate, inform.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.06.09 PM
KRISTEN: We’ll start a conversation about why you think that we’re wrong. Or we’re right. Whether you agree with us or not. So, that brings me to our third topic, which is a little off-hand, but do you really how to color correct?!

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.06.14 PM
JAMICE: It can kind of come off as, “I’m putting orange on my face to cancel this out or I’m putting some green something on my face to cancel it out,” so I totally understand how that would come off intimidating but once you start to understand your skin tone and where it needs to be camouflaged and you start to invest into color correcting, you’ll notice a difference in your makeup as far as different lighting throughout the day, how it wears.

KRISTEN: If you don’t know these things or if you haven’t invested the energy into learning about color correcting, that would make you a makeup enthusiast and not a makeup artist because as an artist of anything, of any medium, the color wheel is your friend.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.06.28 PM

KRISTEN: I wish I could draw it out for you. It’s a color wheel that you need to look at and go from one end to the other and see what compliments and what contrasts, and that’s going to help you color correct. But once again, you should have known that already because you’re a makeup artist.
KRISTEN: In order that I don’t get burned to death, we’re going to move on to the next topic: no product diversity in a makeup kit.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.06.35 PM
JAMICE: One of the main products that are in a makeup artist’s kit as far as skin, well, of course like prepping products, like primers and eye creams and things like that, is a face and body water-base foundation, whether it’s from Make Up For Ever or from Mac, it doesn’t matter because a lot of photo shoots or runway shows they really want to exude skin to look healthy and dewy and supple and nice in clarity. Something that’s so heavy and it can really read wrong in cameras, like anything in a high SPF kind of thing…
KRISTEN: Because when you get so close, you can see the texture difference.
JAMICE: Yes, exactly.


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.06.41 PM

KRISTEN: There are artists who get jobs because of their social media artistry, like makeup artist Ariel Tejada. He does all of these amazing looks, he posts them periodically. Guess who decided to like his stuff and then book him?


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.06.47 PM

Kylie Jenner. Now his work is plastered on that girl’s face she’s posting, tagging him, and I’m pretty sure he’s getting booked more and more because of that. I mean, her lip kit sold out so quickly, I’m sure his email box has blown up since then. That’s a point I’m saying. Maybe makeup artistry on social media doesn’t really say you’re a makeup enthusiast, it’s just how you do your looks. Are you versatile?
JAMICE: I feel it’s necessary to learn, expand more. I feel like as a makeup artist he should really talk to his client and be like, “You should try something like this. This would really accentuate your cheek bones and your eyes. Try something different.”
KRISTEN: But what if she has….
JAMICE: “You’re a trendsetter, let’s try this. Let’s stop doing the whole typical, you know, same makeup.” Like she has the same makeup I see every Mac girl look put on everybody. I work at Mac so I’ve done it. I’m guilty.
KRISTEN: That’s the Kardashian-Jenner look though.
JAMICE: Exactly, the whole contour cream, powder, the whole shebang.


Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.06.54 PM
KRISTEN: Yeah, exactly. Besides the one, what is her name? Kendall…

JAMICE: Kendall.

KRISTEN: Kendall Jenner. Everybody else has that same highlight, contour, paint-by-numbers look. Then she does this look. How can she not follow in her sister’s footsteps? It works so well for her sister.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.06.59 PM
JAMICE: Yeah. Me, as a makeup artist, I feel like it’s my job to tell people, “This is going to accentuate this. This is not going to accentuate this. This is going to make it worse, this is going to make it better.”
KRISTEN: You know, all this boils down to, are you a makeup artist or are you a makeup enthusiast? Does that mean you’re only on social media? What do you think? Oh, my God, what do you think? Do you think that social media is the end-all be-all or don’t get on it?  Can they coincide together?



Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 9.07.06 PM

KRISTEN: These are the 5 reasons why you may be a makeup enthusiast and not a makeup artist. I want to thank Jamice Parks for sitting on this couch with me and joining me for my Daily Beaute talk. You can add us on Instagram, add us on Facebook. We’re here, we’re ready to listen to you.

JAMICE: If you want to get to know me and more what I’m doing, my Instagram is @1andonlyjamice. You can find me on Facebook under Jamice Parks. You can find me on Twitter under 1andonlyJamice as well.

KRISTEN: Thank you for joining us today and remember you are more than just a pretty face.



Facebook = Your Customers

“Social Media Marketing? Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I hear many of my fellow entrepreneurs say that as they stick to purely Instagram and hope for the best. Let’s be honest, no one needs the extra headache but leaving a stone unturned isn’t profitable.

Let’s talk about where your customers are at.

Facebook anyone?

Mobile is Facebook's Cash Cow


Of Course! Why hadn’t you thought of this before. There are 1.31 BILLION Monthly active mobile users. As they scroll through puppy videos and political outbursts, They’re able to catch your Facebook ad on their screen. I’ve seen Satin Lined Caps ad multiple times a week and each time, more views, likes, comments. I’ve opened an ad for Gold Label Cosmetics and the outreach is numbers I’m happy with. I do a recurring ad for $34 dollars a week, a number I’d hardly miss. I’ve seen a large increase in traffic to my site from it. Better than sponsored posts from blogs or other social media outlets. Please use Facebook ads and thank me later.