I’m on Allure.com

Hey Beauties!   Guess who’s recently on Allure.com? This hot thang! That’s right!   Check out my contribution to Allure.com’s legendary article written by Siraad Dirshe !     Among those quoted like myself are: AJ Crimson, Desiree Verdejo of Vivrant Beauty, and Ofunne Amaka of Cocoas Swatches! As a team we support the theory that […]

Texture Talk: What does 2016 textured hair trends mean to you?

  What does this read for the Textured Hair Entrepreneur? There’s always an opportunity to inject yourself into someone’s Hair Care and Styling Routine. How many of us curly folks will, even when we know a styling creme is BOMB, attempt to replace it with something better? My personal purchasing desires span to Youtube where […]

5 Inspiring SnapChat influencers

  I was hesitant to join Snapchat and for good reason: Narcissism. For every interesting snap, there are 15  snaps of women adorned in puppy garb rapping Future lyrics. Once I shifted gears I found my business could benefit from the story telling and direct chat options with my followers.   How I use Snapchat […]

Facebook = Your Customers

“Social Media Marketing? Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I hear many of my fellow entrepreneurs say that as they stick to purely Instagram and hope for the best. Let’s be honest, no one needs the extra headache but leaving a stone unturned isn’t profitable. Let’s talk about where your customers are at. Facebook anyone? […]