Affirmations for Beauty

Hello Beauties!


If you know me, you know my love for affirmations are STRONG. I’ve used them not only to manifest great opportunities, but also to keep a clear mind when I’m struggling with confidence.

One day, I’d found myself looking in the mirror and asking myself why I didn’t have certain cheekbones or how come my brows have to be blah blah blah. I’d been putting myself down but ironically I could go about my day, happy that I’d accomplished these goals and working towards bigger ones, by using affirmations to fuel me. Why can’t I use affirmations for beauty?


That’s exactly what I did. I created social graphics with Canva so I can share them on my business’ pages and my own. Here’s what I came up with:


Do these when you wake up in the morning and are starting your day. They seriously work.














I’m just going to talk to you guys about my entrepreneurship experience , my three biggest mistakes. Do not do what I did.


My first mistake was doing everything myself. I am not a deity. I cannot fix everybody’s problems, answer all the emails, handle every single social media post. So, for me, it was finding the right person, the best person. I found someone who was great at social media, I found someone who was great at business planning – and I hired them. I said, “Hey, look, you are great at what you’re doing. Help me out. Fix it for me.”


The next mistake I did was saying “yes” to everything. I want to say “yes” and make everyone be happy, but I also have to be pleased in the process. So, saying “yes” is going to be a big problem for you in the long run. You’ve got to find out how to prioritize. A way of avoiding saying “yes” without turning someone down completely is saying, “Let me get back to you on that.” You don’t have to say “yes” right now, but you don’t have to say “no” right now either. You can actually play it out in your mind, figure out what you have to do and then you can go on, you can say, “Yes, I like the idea,” or, “No, bad idea.” Moving on.







My last and biggest mistake is having no routine. I cannot wake up in the morning, have no to-do list and then anticipate a productive day. It’s not going to happen! You have to figure out what you’re going to do, so your day has to start either with making a to-do list, doing a brain dump and “brain dump” meaning taking a notebook and writing every single thing that you have on your mind. It doesn’t have to be what you plan on getting done today, but you need to find something that makes you feel good and you feel like it would be productive throughout the day. So, find something that you like to do. I like to walk to walk my dogs and then work out. That’s what I have to do in the morning, otherwise nothing gets done. That routine is going to help you start your day and then you feel so productive. You’ve got these pertinent activities done so you’re ready to conquer what you have on your to-do list. 65

I can go over these three things again, but these are just three big entrepreneur mistakes that I made and hopefully you can figure out how to avoid.

They were:

  1. Doing everything myself. Find someone to do it who does it better. You’ll have more time, be more productive, and you’ll make more money. Everybody wants that.
  2. Saying YES to everything. You can’t do it. You have to pace yourself. Say, “I’ll think about it,” or, “Let me get back to you.”
  3. No routine. If you have no routine, you’re setting yourself up for a failure. Have something that makes your life consistent and worthy.



Hopefully, you guys can take my past mistakes and apply the solutions. Brainstorm and find some other things you’ve made a mistake on. It will open your mind up and then you can find some hacks to make your life much easier, and you can share it with me, because I need all the hope I can get.

Let’s talk!


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2016: Invest in yourself

I didn’t make any resolutions this year. Sue me. Actually, please don’t.

My personal goals have always been pretty consistent: Read more, eat better, collect my thoughts. 2015, I did one thing better for sure. I worked better.

Here’s a short list of Investments you can make that cost you little to nothing:

Educational Niche Business Books

  • Educational Niche Business books.  Millionaire Fastlane made key suggestions that one should, instead of paying for college courses or certifications, it not necessary, read a book on the matter. I needed to learn accounting terms, Facebook page management, Assertiveness training(personal growth), Brand Growth. You got it by now.

Up your Gloup Hours

  • Up your Glo Up hours. Turn off social media alerts and develop a helpful routine that you’ll stick with. I feed my dogs, walk them, then I DO YOGA. I reward myself with something nice, like coffee or a podcast I enjoy. You can do the same by interjecting something that routinely needs to get done and either reward yourself with something small you enjoy or enjoy the small luxury WHILE doing the routine. Watch your fav Netflix show while at the gym. possibly even ONLY at the gym.

Keep in Touch

  • Keep in Touch. If you’re anything like me, you’ve lost some friendships due to lack of reaching out. It’s okay. They probably feel just as guilty that they let the homie down. Text them. Say you’re sorry and you’re guilty of being a sucky friend. Ask to meet up for a tea or lunch. Its not always a good reason you lost touch. I’m serious, call them.



There’s plenty more you can do. There’s more I can do. I’m sure that while you’re investing in yourself, your mind will create more and more enriching ideas. Don’t waste your days with social media apps that serve you no purpose and most likely will distract you from creating a better life for YOURSELF. INVEST, INVEST, INVEST!!!

How to Vision Board yourself into a SWEET future.

I’m that person who believes your thoughts and words become things. Now, it’s not easy to control your thoughts but what truly helped shift my paradigm was a VISION BOARD. I put aspirational quotes, affirmative article titles, red carpet appearances, residences I will own soon. Anything to get my mind wrapped around whats in store.



I put gala event postings, photos of friends, food that looks tasty. Why not? When I say “How…” I really just suggest you to see yourself anywhere. Theres no limit to where you can be, tomorrow even. so don’t hold back on your desires. cut out photos. My best friend likes to draw and use color pencils to make her visions come to fruition. Let your eyes determine what you’re drawn too, not society saying the newest Tesla is the hottest vehicle right now. Maybe you want a pick up truck. Whatever you want to accomplish, see, say, or do, it’s imperative to make it as tangible and prominent as possible.