Affirmations for Beauty

Hello Beauties!   If you know me, you know my love for affirmations are STRONG. I’ve used them not only to manifest great opportunities, but also to keep a clear mind when I’m struggling with confidence. One day, I’d found myself looking in the mirror and asking myself why I didn’t have certain cheekbones or […]


  I’m just going to talk to you guys about my entrepreneurship experience , my three biggest mistakes. Do not do what I did. My first mistake was doing everything myself. I am not a deity. I cannot fix everybody’s problems, answer all the emails, handle every single social media post. So, for me, it was finding the right […]

2016: Invest in yourself

I didn’t make any resolutions this year. Sue me. Actually, please don’t. My personal goals have always been pretty consistent: Read more, eat better, collect my thoughts. 2015, I did one thing better for sure. I worked better. Here’s a short list of Investments you can make that cost you little to nothing: Educational Niche […]

How to Vision Board yourself into a SWEET future.

I’m that person who believes your thoughts and words become things. Now, it’s not easy to control your thoughts but what truly helped shift my paradigm was a VISION BOARD. I put aspirational quotes, affirmative article titles, red carpet appearances, residences I will own soon. Anything to get my mind wrapped around whats in store.   […]