My St. Barths trip!

St. Barths

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How awesome to have another affirmation/goal checked off my list? To have the Universe endorse my affirmations once again? You couldn’t make this shit up. Beautiful beaches, welcoming people, and food I couldn’t get enough of.

My friends and I landed in St. Maarten and took the ferry across to St. Barths. Dear God, that ferry will make you get right with your maker. Terrified! That was the worst of our trip.

Did I mention the beaches are SERENE? My tan was on point. The club’s were meh so make sure you go with fun friends who are okay with dancing by themselves, because you will be. 2Scarf and Bracelet_ HermèsSunglasses_ Miu Miutop_ Zarabottom_ Levi'sshoes_ Solids-2

How to Vision Board yourself into a SWEET future.

I’m that person who believes your thoughts and words become things. Now, it’s not easy to control your thoughts but what truly helped shift my paradigm was a VISION BOARD. I put aspirational quotes, affirmative article titles, red carpet appearances, residences I will own soon. Anything to get my mind wrapped around whats in store.



I put gala event postings, photos of friends, food that looks tasty. Why not? When I say “How…” I really just suggest you to see yourself anywhere. Theres no limit to where you can be, tomorrow even. so don’t hold back on your desires. cut out photos. My best friend likes to draw and use color pencils to make her visions come to fruition. Let your eyes determine what you’re drawn too, not society saying the newest Tesla is the hottest vehicle right now. Maybe you want a pick up truck. Whatever you want to accomplish, see, say, or do, it’s imperative to make it as tangible and prominent as possible.


My 7 must have picks for Travel…






I travel often with my fiancé and my friends. Between him looking at me like a lost child when he’s missing some toiletries product or my friends trying to get their hands on conditioner(they’ll tell you), I’ve learned what I NEED to carry to supplement and consolidate.



spray bottle

1. Spray Bottle

This beauty will elongate your conditioner usage. If you’re a natural, you’ll side with me when I say there’s never enough conditioner. This spray bottle is God sent! 1/2 part water and 1/2 conditioner can help you from turning that bottle upside down and banging it on the bathroom sink, praying there’s just ONE MORE DOLLOP.  When me and my friends decided to take a last minute trip to Mombasa, we packed a carryon to and hopped on the plane from Nairobi. If someone collected my Amika Conditioner at the airport, I would need someone to peel me from the floor.



Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 10.43.52 PM


2. Glam Glow Mask

This complexion enhancing, moisturizing mask is my go-to, ON and OFF vacation. I like to mix one part mask and two parts foundation, mix in my fingers to warm it up and apply to face. a little goes a long way. SO balmy! Its such a small tub that it passes in your carry-on. Elongates your foundation usage and all in all your skin looks better every time you use it. Especially needed on long flights, a rub down of this puppy will help your skin stay moisturized.


3. Body Scrub

Nothing worse than being miles and miles away from home with scaly skin. Thankfully, you only need oil(coconut oil is great and by time you finish reading, you’ll have packed it) and sugar. That can be found at any grocery store, no matter where you travel. Just like my empty spray bottle. a lil jar from used product, can hold it.




Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 3.19.28 PM

4. Brow palette

Of course you need those fleek-y brows but most palettes have 2-3 natural brown powders( I think you know where I’m going with this) and those colors work for many things like natural eyeshadow look or contour. ‘Nuff said!




amika travel kit


5. Amika Obliphica Go-Go Travel Set

The Mini Blowdryer has a mini diffuser! I just wanna hug this bag. The case is fashionable and the appliances are so petite, yet efficient. The case has room for many other items you may have in mini size so all your other travel kit sized toiletries fit comfortably in. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 3.18.12 PM

6. Coconut Oil

If I see a tub, I buy, Jar, let me at it. The more the merrier because its best multi-usage product. Extra Punch for your deep condition, skin moisturizer, shaving oil, pre blow dry oil(if you’re natural and need a weightless de-frizzer), makeup remover


7. A Peachy or Pink based lipstick.

A balmy textured one to be exact. Obvious use as a lipstick, but you can use as a blush.


*a lil hint: Everytime you go to a hotel, take all the toiletries. That questionable shampoo can, at the very least, be clutch when you need to wash your hands and there’s no soap. The conditioner can be last minute lotion or shave cream. The lotion is a great carry for your purse.