My St. Barths trip!

  How awesome to have another affirmation/goal checked off my list? To have the Universe endorse my affirmations once again? You couldn’t make this shit up. Beautiful beaches, welcoming people, and food I couldn’t get enough of. My friends and I landed in St. Maarten and took the ferry across to St. Barths. Dear God, that […]

How to Vision Board yourself into a SWEET future.

I’m that person who believes your thoughts and words become things. Now, it’s not easy to control your thoughts but what truly helped shift my paradigm was a VISION BOARD. I put aspirational quotes, affirmative article titles, red carpet appearances, residences I will own soon. Anything to get my mind wrapped around whats in store.   […]

My 7 must have picks for Travel…

        I travel often with my fiancé and my friends. Between him looking at me like a lost child when he’s missing some toiletries product or my friends trying to get their hands on conditioner(they’ll tell you), I’ve learned what I NEED to carry to supplement and consolidate.     1. Spray […]