My St. Barths trip!

St. Barths

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How awesome to have another affirmation/goal checked off my list? To have the Universe endorse my affirmations once again? You couldn’t make this shit up. Beautiful beaches, welcoming people, and food I couldn’t get enough of.

My friends and I landed in St. Maarten and took the ferry across to St. Barths. Dear God, that ferry will make you get right with your maker. Terrified! That was the worst of our trip.

Did I mention the beaches are SERENE? My tan was on point. The club’s were meh so make sure you go with fun friends who are okay with dancing by themselves, because you will be. 2Scarf and Bracelet_ HermèsSunglasses_ Miu Miutop_ Zarabottom_ Levi'sshoes_ Solids-2

When Winter Comes Knocking: My 4 Winter Hacks.


Welp. It’s here. If you’re living on the East Coast, you’ve finally got blasted with the wind of the arctic. This woman ain’t too happy about it. But for good reason folks! My hair, my skin, my nails. My woes sound like the vitamin aisle. I’m sharing my Winter saviors with you. Here’s to beauty-full hacking:


  1. Exfoliate. Exfoliate your skin. Don’t let Mama Nature turn you into a ashy bowl of dead skin. Show homegirl who’s boss. I lean towards smaller granules so Bliss’s Microdermabrasion is a weekly NEED. You need to get that dry, dead skin off so your healthy skin can glow. DEAD SKIN DOES NOT GLOW.


  1. A BOSS Base Coat. I was recently introduced to Nail Tek’s products and I couldn’t be more delighted. My once dry and chipping nails are retaining length. I could go on and on about how strong, even length nails are to your image but that’s for another blog post.


  1. This one is a SERIOUS HACK, are you ready? Serums and Hydrating drops in your setting spray. I can’t remember when I started it but I do remember looking in my medicine cabinet and seeing so many serums I hadn’t used or free gifts from beauty events I attended. IF YOU DON’T POUR THAT IN YOUR MINI SPRAY BOTTLE, you’re cheating yourself this very second. Even after my finishing spray is done, I make my own hydrating concoction by mixing  hydrating drops and spa-worthy serums. This is especially necessary for those who wear layers of makeup(i.e. baking technique, setting foundations).


  1. Oil. Implement Oil into your beauty regimen. I have an Amazon subscription to an Argan Oil, which I use for my nails, ends, and edges(don’t forget those pretty lil temples). I use coconut oil after I put lotion on. Leave it in your shower. Here’s an extra tip, get a handful of sugar in one hand and put some oil in the other, then rub together. #CheapBodyScrub


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How I Glo Up: Spectral Lash


When I went to my local Ricky’s, I got caught up in the aisles of products (that haul post is for another day) and saw this eyelash growth serum. I thought, why not Glo Up {def:A twist of the phrase “grow up”, referring to a person’s incredible transformation. This is usually based on increase of style and self-confidence (and potentially one’s squad)}.monthly?


This month, I’m focusing on one product:  Spectral Lash

Spectral Lash was an impulse buy.  I’ve had eyelash extensions before and have also tried eyelash growth serums. This one claims “…to make eyelashes appear 25 percent longer in just two weeks. ” Well I’m totally down, mainly because whenever I watch a Latisse commercial, the narrator speedily explains that you Could GO BLIIIIIND! The Hell? I’d rather a keratin complex strengthen my lashes than a glaucoma drug.


eyelashes before spectral lash


Stay tuned because in 30 days I expect to have lashes like @HudaBeauty