Hacks for Budget Conscious, City Chicks

use this app to get rewards, just by dining at your favorite restaurants!
Darryl Ebanks

Hey y’all!!!

I noticed after referring people to my favorite sites and apps, that I JUST MIGHT know a few things about hacking NYC. If this is what you’re already doing, kudos to you because you got this city life on lock, but for others, common knowledge ain’t so common.



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1. Seated!
Quick Story: Three of my friends were coming into town and expecting me to take them to an Uber fab restaurant. Crap! They want to go where? What cuisine? Can we get a reservation for this time? As a New Yorker people are expecting us to just know. As a City dweller, you know there are countless options as well. My palms were literally sweating and my palms never sweat. How the hell am I supposed to entertain with very little deets.
Which ever way I came across this app, I’m glad that I did. I used SEATED. I chose a general location, a time that works, and booked the reservation. Checked in, ate well, and laughed all throughout. Afterwards, when the bill arrived took a picture of the receipt and I was given a $20 credit to Lyft, all for doing what I was going to anyways.

Darryl Ebanks

2. Therapy
Need to talk to someone and don’t have $150 per session or Talkspace a lil’ out of your budget? Look into Open Path Collective. I was able to find a therapist and book a session within one day. Therapy won’t fix immediate problems but has helped me seek clarity and develop some solutions. I hope everyone gets to find a therapist. I always recommend you keep your sessions to yourself. This is your sacred time to open wounds and heal properly.

3. Gypsy Housing
Look on this Facebook Group that’s specific to your city and not only will you find quick housing solutions but you’ll also find furniture and appliances for the low. I’m talking IKEA dressers, Perfectly fabulous Bed frames, bookshelves for less than $200. How could you not take advantage of these finds?

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